A whites-free South Africa comes to The Troyeville!

Ferial Haffajee, editor of the City Press and well-known to all Troyevillers, has a brand new book out, “What if there were no whites in South Africa?”, that shines a sceptical light on the way race, racism and “racism” are mobilised in political discussion in SA.

Roger Lucey 12th of September

Roger Lucey returns to the Troyeville Hotel 12 September with the legendary Brendan Jury to showcase Roger's new album NOW IS THE TIME.

Wendy Oldfield Comes to The Troyeville!

Wendy Oldfield and Paul Hanmer play from 8pm, Friday July 17th.

One of the Very Best Whites Comes To The Troyeville!

As anyone who’s ever glanced at Twitter or read anything on the Daily Maverick’s website will know, Rebecca Davis is one of South Africa’s most entertaining and insightful journalists.

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Julius Malema at the Troyeville Hotel book club

While Julius Malema was not celebrating a victory after the contentious hate speech ruling delivered yesterday we were at the Troyeville Hotel dinner and book club listening to Fiona Forde, the author of his biography, in conversation with City Press Editor Ferial Haffajee.

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